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changes come to opd as more fallout from a budget squeeze happens. it was just announced minutes agriculture. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we want to show you photos and videos that we just received. police have new pictures of a suspected art thief who stole a picasso painting from a san
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francisco art gallery. this video was taken outside of lefty odeal's which is -- lefty o'doul's, which is near there. lefty's has turned this tape over to police. police say the man took the original pencil drawing off the wall yesterday, walked out the door and got into a cab. >> we figured the only way to get out and get in a cab to describe him leaving was go to -- was to go down geary street. >> the picasso sketch is not very big. but it's valued at at least $200,000. anthony batts is making major changes to his department. new at noon, kraig debro joins us live to explain what changes
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are being made and what it means for public safety. >> we just got back from the press conference. the plan at police headquarters is to do more with less. the chief says they will be defending on the rank and file and on the public. >> what we're trying to do is build the capacity for the city of oakland, make the organization as sufficient as they possibly can. >> reporter: at the news conference, the police and command staff did their best to make lemon ade. budget cut and attrition have trimmed the staff. but there is a another reason for the reorganization. the compliance of the settlement agreement that dates back to two. the reorganization plan is to divide the current bureau of field operations into two bureaus. under the old plan there were
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three areas, each to be led by a deputy police chief. >> i'm not only taking by what's been run by captain area 1, 2, 3 will be run by a deputy chief. along with two additional captains in area, the purpose for that, i want them out in the field connecting with our community. i want them to be scene. i want them to touch basis. i want them to get involved. >> one of the main concepts of the plan is to get more officers where they are needed. >> three detectives, under the new plan property crimes will be investigated by patrol officers who will report to the detectives. at the same time, the detectives will train the officers. the familiarity of this has already made people more
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comfortable talking with the police and that's let to more arrests. mike mibach will have much more details on the ktvu channel news at 5:00. back to you. >> thank you. east palo alto police are hosting a conference today to crack down on gang violence. they are focusing on this issue after the fatal gang shooting of a 3-month-old baby. police recently conducted door- to-door sweeps. today, they will share what they know about gang activity and in particular, the nortanoi and soranio gang. and the police are providing updates to the media. the clock is clicking for the search for seven fishing men saying the likely -- are being told from politicals -- the search for seven fishermen,
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their families are being told the liklihood for survival in the water is 96 hours. leslie yee is the only confirmed death. this morning his daughter said this was a dream fishing trip. her had put it off for years. >> i really encourage this opportunity for him to go to mexico and participate in fishing because that's ultimately his passion. >> he had just restirred from a -- retired from a 37-year career at the "chronicle." many passengers drove down to mexico and are now unable to get home because of their passports and keys being lost. and we have breaking news in marin county. almost a dozen families have been evacuated because of a gas
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leak. it started at -- the problem started this morning. and a pg&e hooking up new service damaged a 1 1/4-gas line. a pg&e spokesperson says the scene has been made save the cass leak should be can'ted in about an hour from now. >> there's new concern about the safety of pipelines in northern california. this is according to a federally funded research group that claims it recently got pg&e to admit to safety coat violations. new at noon, we -- safety code violations. knew at noon, christien kafton has more -- new at noon, christien kafton has more. >> reporter: well, i jut government off the phone -- i just got off the phone, and if
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you take a look at you can see the area here in suisun city. two major pipelines run under that sidewalk. one of those lines is 32 inches in diameter. the other 16. the neighbors here say they have no documentation as to whether the pipeline has been inspected. they say they don't want to see a repeat of the explosion in san bruno. >> the blast radius of this pipeline would be 570-foot, almost three football fields. so if it blew up right here, it would take out all of the homes, 575, instantaneously, gone. >> reporter: the group says the pipelines run along peterson. their concern is that traffic will vibrate and possibly
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weaken the -- >> i have trucks going around my house and my house shakes when a loaded truck goes by. what's gonna happen here? this is 1 earth is gonna move a little bit. they also say they are concerned concerned since pg&e came clean last week it doesn't have inspection reports and they are worried the pipeline here has not been inspected or maintained propertily. they say pg&e is citing certain reasons for records not being released. back to you. >> thank you. richmond city council has approved a plan to hand out racial cards. after shooting the council down, the city council approved it last night. backers of the proposal say the i.d. program is designed to appeal
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to all residents by combining access to other services. critics, a few of them spoke to the council arked that the new program will entice illegal immigration and may give police a chance to handle kzs --ses. >> some i.d. that's based on credentials is better than no i.d.. so in we're dealing with an individual with some of that, that gives us a starting rack. >> i know who i am. i know who i am. the state has says you have to be a resident of richmond for six months to legally -- >> anyone who has lived in richmond for the past 15 to 30 days will be eligible for an i.d. card. after being found not guilty, casey anthony will be
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sentenced tomorrow in florida. a lot of people are still stunned at the verdict. >> i'm angry for everyone responsible for her walking out of that courtroom. >> jurors delivered the not guilty verdict after seven weeks of testimony and 11 hours of deliberation. they remain tight-lipped about this. one alternate juror says the prosecution did not prove their case. >> in regards to who killed caylee, i still believe casey was the last person to see her alive and that beautiful pressure shower girl is in a -- precious girl is in a gar big bag. >> grund is not caylee's biological father. many says think casey is likely 20 walk preafter tomorrow's
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sentencing. a bikelist missing has been seen in the foot -- foot hills. detectives say he was spotted in roseville yesterday. the police department said martin did not appear to be in distress. authorities say they don't want to release many details of the siting, they are working on more details. martin's girlfriend reported him missing saturday after he didn't come home after a bike right. meteorologist steve paulson is up soon checking the latest information to see if the bay area will be heeded -- heated up and cooled down. the people at facebook, they say it's awesome.
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all air travel in phoenix is back to normal following that massive dust storm that swept across phoenix, arizona. it's called a haboob. the storm caused limited visibility and grounded all flights. the national weather service says the dust reached heights of 800 feet. power was knocked out. and thousands were left without power. they were under a severe thunderstorm watch until late
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last night. >> a few hours ago, the host city was announced for the 018 winter olympic games. >> pea on-- for the 2018 winter olympic games. peapyonchange! [ cheers ] >> >> the effort to move the 49ers to santa clara is one step closer to becoming reality. the clarity council last night approved a procurement process for a stadium near great america. the process will be used to hire subcontractors for about $5 million of contract work. the 49ers have already sold
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$138 million in luxury receipts -- suites for the not-yet-built stadium. the perjury trial began this morning for roger clemens. he and his wife arrived at the federal courthouse in washington, d.c. prosecutors say clemens lived to congress about using performance- enhancing drugs. the defense said it might call wade boggs and david cohn to testify on his behalf. clemens faces 30 years in prison if found guilty. the chancellor is asking for a 12% increase for this coming academic year. that would mean an extra $588 a year for students and that's on top of a 10% increase that was already scheduled to take effect. the new annual tradition would
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be $5,472 a year. a cal state spokesman says 45% of students receive enough financial aid to cover all of the tuition costs and a substantial portion of the others. >> former san francisco mayor gavin newsom says it's time for his successor to decide whether or not his name will will -- will be on the ballot for governor. lee said he would not run when he probable missed to finish out newsom's final year. that was after newsom was elected lieutenant-governor. president obama stent 1 sent out a tweet asking -- sent out a tweet asking people about the nation's deficit. he then took questions.
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unlike the questioners, mr. obama was not restricted by twitters' 140-character limit. he answered verbally not by treat. nasdaq is launching two more days -- ways for friends to stay in touch. mark zuckerberg said one is a video calling feature. it's powered by skype and it will allow users to easily have a quick conversation with friends. >> i can click call him and something will pop up on the screen and in realtime he can go and download the plug-in. and then we're video chatting. is awesome. no video chat here.
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we're live. we're talking about fog on the coast. there's a lot there that's filled in. some inland areas are still in the warm-to-hot category. the fog which came rapidly and is now filling in. it's still too shallow to make much of an impact, we're seeing some of that cooler breeze. temperatures are running 3 two to four degrees cooler in most locations but they are actually running slightly warmer along the -- along the coast because of the increase in the fog. low clouds, fog, westerly breeze. however, there's still a slight component of the northerly wind. 63 in san francisco. 73 redwood city, 72 in oakland and speaking of the fog bank there it is. west-southwest 16 to travis. that's really the key if you
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want inland cooling. once that cranks up to 20, that really starts the cooling trend. some tropical clouds coming up from the sierra nevada. big area of low pressure starts digging in. it will lift it. as it does, that will start to bring in cooler pattern. believe it or not, the five to seven-day outlook shows temperatures coming way down. >> in the east bay, 60s, 7 oh, 80s. 96 -- 60s. 80s. 88 los gatos. 83 sunnyvale. 60s, 70s, 80s. san mateo coast peninsula. the city yesterday which went
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from 59 to 81 in the city alone. >> really? >> yes. >> very unusual yesterday. if you had the fog, it was cool. i know north mission was 80 degrees. big cooldown takes us into friday, the weekend, tori. >> all right. we have to be prepared for that. the city of palo alto is considering costing for recycling. they are considering closing the center in the bay -- bayland. it's all to cover the fund that covers the trash programs. the proposed recycling charges would ensure people are not paying more in the refuge fun than trash actually costs. last year, scrap metal was the port's biggest export by weight
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but waste paper was a money motorcycle 1 -- moneymaker. steel from the world trade center is being used in memorials all over the country. so far, more than 1,000 cities, nonprofit, military bases, airports and museums have been granted a piece of the steel. anyone interested had to be prove it would be used in a public display. the cost for the steel is free but organizes have to pay for its transportation costs. ahead -- what is the definition of a hot dog? we'll tell you who wants 20 know. and a few more details about the royal couple of's upcoming visit to california including why they will be going to skid row.
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san mateo
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the gains on the stocks were modest. the dow is up 51. the nasdaq is up 4. s&p is flat. we are now hearing more about the plan for prince william and his wife catherine during their u.s. visit. the royal couple is scheduled to arrive in southern california on friday. they will meet with hollywood celebrities but they will also
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visit skid row in downtown los angeles. that's where they will go to inner city arts that provides lower income children with free classes in visual and performing arts. >> california is one step closer to defining the definition of 5 hot dog. it's described as a hole, cured or skin sausage that can be served on a bun or a roll. the staff director said a hot dog def sigs was requested to upgrade -- to update california code. it's now scheduled for a vote in the state assembly. coming up on the news at 5:00, caught red handed. new video released today, gives investigators a look at the suspect behind the bold theft of a pick cause so drawing from a downtown gallery -- kick cau so draw -- pick saw co --
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picasso drawing from a downtown gallery. the next newscast is the news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day. a2@f
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